Is it possible to have different access modifiers on the get and set methods of a property in .NET?

No we can not have different modifiers of a common property, which means that if the access modifier of a property’s get method is protected, and it must be protected for the set method as well.

In .NET, is it possible for two catch blocks to be executed in one go?

This is NOT possible because once the correct catch block is executed then the code flow goes to the finally block.

What technique is used to figure out that the page request is a postback?

The IsPostBack property of the page object may be used to check whether the page request is a postback or not. IsPostBack property is of the type Boolean.

Which event of the ASP.NET page life cycle completely loads all the controls on the web page?

The Page_load event of the ASP.NET page life cycle assures that all controls are completely loaded. Even though the controls are also accessible in Page_Init event but here, the viewstate is incomplete.

How is ViewState information persisted across postbacks in an ASP.NET webpage?

Using HTML Hidden Fields, ASP.NET creates a hidden field with an ID=”__VIEWSTATE” and the value of the page’s viewstate is encoded (hashed) for security.

What is the ValidationSummary control in ASP.NET used for?

The ValidationSummary control in ASP.NET displays summary of all the current validation errors.

What is AutoPostBack feature in ASP.NET?

In case it is required for a server side control to postback when any of its event is triggered, then the AutoPostBack property of this control is set to true.