Which event of the ASP.NET page life cycle completely loads all the controls on the web page?

The Page_load event of the ASP.NET page life cycle assures that all controls are completely loaded. Even though the controls are also accessible in Page_Init event but here, the viewstate is incomplete.

What is the ValidationSummary control in ASP.NET used for?

The ValidationSummary control in ASP.NET displays summary of all the current validation errors.

What is AutoPostBack feature in ASP.NET?

In case it is required for a server side control to postback when any of its event is triggered, then the AutoPostBack property of this control is set to true.

What is the difference between Web.config and Machine.Config in .NET?

Web.config file is used to make the settings to a web application, whereas Machine.config file is used to make settings to all ASP.NET applications on a server(the server machine).

How to kill a user session in ASP.NET?

Use the Session.abandon() method.

How can we set the Focus on a control in ASP.NET?

TxtBox123.Focus (); OR Page.SetFocus (NameOfControl);

Which control in asp.net is used to display data from an xml file and then displayed using XSLT?

Use the asp:Xml control and set its DocumentSource property for associating an xml file, and set its TransformSource property to set the xml control’s xsl file for the XSLT transformation.