What directive enables caching for a Web form or user control?

The output caching directive enables caching.

What is Caching ?

Caching means temporary storage of data in memory that is highly-demanding and frequently used in order to accelerate performance and for quick access to various essential information.

They are 3 types of caching:
1. Page caching
2. Data caching
3. Fragment caching

1)Page caching is where the entire page is cached
2)Data caching is where the data in the page is cached
3)Fregment caching is where the elements of page is cached like header and footer.

What is the difference between Application caching and session objects?

Session A session is the time for which a particular user interacts with a web application. During a session the unique identity of the user is maintained internally. A session ends if there is a session timeout or user ends sessio by logging out.Sessions may change from user to user.

Cache Caching can be used to temporarily store page output or application data either on the client or on the server, which can then be re-used to satisfy subsequent requests and thus avoid the overhead of re-creating the same information.C aching is particularly suitable when you expect to Cache will be applicable to the entire application through out it’s life cycle return the same information in the same format for many different requests.

Application Its nothing but similar to Session with a bit difference that is Session objects have scope within a particular session while application objects having scope within entire application. Application are accessible only from code running within the context of the originating application. Other applications running on the system cannot access or modify the values.

What are the Types of Caching?

OutPut Caching , Fragment Caching and Data Caching

What is the use of Caching And Caching types in Asp.net?

Caching is used to improve the performance of a website………..

Types of caching in Asp.net:
1)Page Output caching
2)Page Fragment Caching
3)Data Caching

What are the types of caching in ASP.NET?

  • page output caching
  • page fragment caching
  • data caching

What are the different types of Caching in ASP.Net ?

Types of Caching

Caching in ASP.NET can be of the following types:

  • Page Output Caching.
  • Page Fragment Caching.
  • Data Caching.