Which event of the ASP.NET page life cycle completely loads all the controls on the web page?

The Page_load event of the ASP.NET page life cycle assures that all controls are completely loaded. Even though the controls are also accessible in Page_Init event but here, the viewstate is incomplete.

What are the main parts of ASP.NET?

A page and controls framework (Web Forms)
The ASP.NET compiler

  • Security infrastructure
  • State-management facilities
  • Application configuration
  • Health monitoring and performance features
  • Debugging support
  • An XML Web services framework
  • Extensible hosting environment and application life cycle management
  • An extensible designer environment

Do user controls support custom properties?

Yes. User controls support custom properties. To use them, declare public methods within the user control to allow access to a property.

What is Compare Validator?

It checks that the value in controls should match some specific value.

What is Range Validator?

It checks if the value in validated controls is in that specific range.

How FontSize and Font Size is differ in HTML?

font size is an attribute that we used in font tag.
Ex : <font size=”5″> use in font tag.

Where as font-size is an style property used for controls.
Ex : Font-Size=”Small” use for style property For Controls.

The context menu can be applied for the following controls ?