Which control has a faster performance, Repeater or Datalist?


Which control has a faster performance, Datagrid or Datalist?


Listview in asp.net.

ListView is a data bound control similar to DataList and DataRepeater controls but it provides edit, insert, and delete , sort operations on the data that it bounded like a GridView control. Unlike GridView control ListView gives the user full control over the rendering of the page. using templates and styles(CSS) the user can generate clean HTML UI according to his needs.

What is the difference between Datagrid, Datalist and repeater?

A Datagrid, Datalist and Repeater are all ASP.NET data Web controls.

They have many things in common like DataSource Property, DataBind Method ItemDataBound and ItemCreated.

When you assign the DataSource Property of a Datagrid to a DataSet then each DataRow present in the DataRow Collection of DataTable is assigned to a corresponding DataGridItem and this is same for the rest of the two controls also. But The HTML code generated for a Datagrid has an HTML TABLE <ROW> element created for the particular DataRow and its a Table form representation with Columns and Rows.

For a Datalist it””s an Array of Rows and based on the Template Selected and the RepeatColumn Property value We can specify how many DataSource records should appear per HTML <table> row. In hort in datagrid we have one record per row, but in datalist we can have five or six rows per row.

For a Repeater Control, the Datarecords to be displayed depends upon the Templates specified and the only HTML generated is the due to the Templates.

In addition to these, Datagrid has a in-built support for Sort, Filter and paging the Data, which is not possible when using a DataList and for a Repeater Control we would require to write an explicit code to do paging.

What are the differences between Datalist DataGrid and Datarepeater?

*Has table appearence by default
*Has no autoformat option
*has no default paging & sorting options
*can define separators between elements using template
*Has a grid appearence by default
*has a autoformat option
*has default paging and sorting
*has no separator between elements
simple,read-only output, has no built in support for selecting or editing items, has no DEFAULT APPEARENCE,
has no default paging.

What is Bubbled Event?

When you have a rich control like DataGrid Repeate dataList writing an event processing routine for each object (cell button row etc.) is quite tedious. The controls can bubble up their eventhandlers allowing the main DataGrid event handler to take care of its constituents.

Difference between Datalist and Gridview.

Gridview support’s selection, editing , sorting and paging whereas Datalist can’t support sorting and paging but support selection and editing