In ASP.NET page framework an automatic way to associate page events and methods is

AutoEventWireup attribute of the Page directive is set to true.

What is the event that is fired before the ASP.NET page framework sends content to a requesting client browser?


What is a master page ?

1) A master page provides a framework in which the content of each page on a web site is presented. Master pages make it easy to create pages that have a consistent look.

2) The pages that provide the content that’s displayed in a master page are called content pages .

3) The content of each content page is displayed in the master page’s content placeholder.

What is Health Monitoring?

Health Monitoring is a framework for monitoring status of running ASP.NET applications and logging significant ASP.NET application events.

Explain ASP.Net

  • Free Web Programming Framework.
  • Create Web Application , Dynamic web Site and Web Service.
  • is Part of .Net Frame work.
  • It contains thousands of classes and used to speed up development Process.
  • Code runs on Server Side return HTML Code to Client web Browser.

What is Windows communication foundation, WCF?

WCF is a framework that builds applications that can inter-communicate based on service oriented architecture consuming secure and reliable web services. This also helps in Distributed computing. The WCF also brings together the various communication models into a single model.

How will you specify what version of the framework your application is targeting?

In Asp.Net 4.0 a new element “targetFramework” of compilation tag (in Web.config file) lets you specify the framework version in the web.config file as

<?xml version=”1.0″?>



<compilation targetFramework=”4.0″ />


It only lets you target the .NET Framework 4.0 and later versions.