What are the possible ways of hosting a WCF service?

To host WCF service, you need at least a managed process, a ServiceHost instance and an Endpoint configured.

Possible approaches for hosting a service are:

  • Hosting in a Managed Application/ Self Hosting
  1. Console Application
  2. Windows Application
  3. Windows Service
  • Hosting on Web Server
  1. IIS 6.0 ( ASP.NET application supports only HTTP )
  2. Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) i.e. IIS 7.0 supports HTTP, TCP/IP, NamedPipes, MSMQ

What are the main components of IIS 7.0?

Main Components of IIS 7.0 are HTTP.Sys, Svchost.Exe, Application Pool , Worker Process (W3WP.exe) and Configuration Store.