Which control has a faster performance, Datagrid or Datalist?


Explain the Limitations & Issues with Automatic SQL Server State Management?

  • Although using SQL Server to store your session state relieves you of many difficult development issues, youll still need to consider some important limitations:
  • You are limited to SQL Server.
  • This technique can only use SQL Server, no other server database. If you do not have a SQL Server installation available, you will be unable to use this solution.
  • Performance may suffer.
  • Like any of the state management techniques, using SQL Server to manage your applications state can cause your performance degrade a little. Because it takes a little bit of time to make a connection and read and write state information in the database, there’s no avoiding a small bit of overhead.

What advantages do user controls?

User controls allow you to encapsulate code so that your web applications code is organized around discrete modules. You can use any .NET language in user controls which allows greater development flexibility for your web applications. You can cache user controls for higher performance.

What are the disadvantages of viewstate? what are the benefits?

1)Performance can be reduced. becuse the viewstate is stored in the page itself, storing large values can cause the page to slowdown.It can carry only up to 10 KB of data very easily without causing any degraded perfomance.
2) As view state is stored in a hidden field on the page although it stores data in a hashed base64 encoded format, it can be tampered.

Advantages :
1) No server resources are required
2) simple Implementation
3) Automatic retention of page & view state

What is RIA?

RIA is the abbreviation of Rich Internet Applications. They are web applications that have most of the characteristics of desktop applications. typically delivered either by way of a standards-based web browser.

Following are some of the features of RIA

. Performance
. Richness
. Compatibility
. Security

What is the use of Caching And Caching types in Asp.net?

Caching is used to improve the performance of a website………..

Types of caching in Asp.net:
1)Page Output caching
2)Page Fragment Caching
3)Data Caching

Explain ASP.Net Catching? What are different catching mechanisms available in ASP.Net?

ASP.Net catching one of the important performance factor for large web applications.
ASP.Net Catching stores frequently accessed data in to catch object.

  • There are two different types catching in ASP.Net
  1. Application Catching
  2. Page Output Catching