The URL for a Secure Connection starts with….


What is Postback?

When an action occurs (like button click), the page containing all the controls within the <FORM… > tag performs an HTTP POST, while having itself as the target URL. This is called Postback.

What is Server Object ? Say some point on it .

-It Controls the ASP execution environment.
-It can set the Amount of time script can run before an error occurs.
-Converts a virtual path to a physical path on the server.
-Takes a user supplied string and encode it into proper
-Format for a URL string.

Difference between URI AND URL.

A Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) is a string of characters
which identifies an Internet Resource.

The most common URI is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which identifies an Internet domain address.

“PostBackUrl” property is used for what purpose?

“PostBackUrl” property will redirect the user to the specified URL when user click the button or click some link for which the property is defined.

Difference between Server.Transfer and Cross Page Posting.

  • In ‘Server.Transfer’, the URL doesn’t change whereas in cross page posting, the form is submitted to a different page, thereby changing the url.
  • The Server.Transfer method is a server-based operation whereas cross-page postback is a client-based transfer.

What is QueryString? Benefits and limitations of using querystring

Querystring is way to transfer information from one page to another through the URL. QueryString is attached to the URL with “?”.


a. Supported by all the browsers
b. No extra effort is needed to code.
c. Easy to use.


a. All the attributes and values are visible to the end user. Therefore, they are not secure.
b. There is a limit to URL length of 255 characters.