What are the possible ways of hosting a WCF service?

To host WCF service, you need at least a managed process, a ServiceHost instance and an Endpoint configured.

Possible approaches for hosting a service are:

  • Hosting in a Managed Application/ Self Hosting
  1. Console Application
  2. Windows Application
  3. Windows Service
  • Hosting on Web Server
  1. IIS 6.0 ( ASP.NET application supports only HTTP )
  2. Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) i.e. IIS 7.0 supports HTTP, TCP/IP, NamedPipes, MSMQ

What is XmlHttpRequest in Ajax?

It is an object in Javascript that allows the browser to communicate to a web server asynchronously without making a postback.

What is Internet Information Services, and what’s it used for?

Internet Information Services (IIS) is a Web server used to run Internet applications.

What is Session Identifier?

Session Identifier is used to identify session. It has SessionId property. When a page is requested, browser sends a cookie with a session identifier. This identifier is used by the web server to determine if it belongs to an existing session or not. If not, a Session ID (120 – bit string) is generated by the web server and sent along with the response.

What is a Global Theme?

A Global Theme is available to all the Web Sites on your Web Server.

For a File System based web site, follow these steps to create and implement a Global Theme

  • Create a Folder in this path


example: create a SkinFile Folder below the themes folder.

  • Create a .skin file in the SkinFile folder.

save the file.

  • specify one skin in the .skin file

<asp:TextBox runat=”server” BackColor=”LightBlue”/>

  • To attach the SkinFile Folder with a File System based web site:
  1. Open a File System based web site:
  2. Paste a web server control TextBox on the .aspx page
  3. In the Page Directive, add this attribute :


  • Run the .aspx page. The BackColor of TextBox will be LightBlue.