What is Ajax?

Asyncronous Javascript and XML – Ajax is a combination of client side technologies that sets up asynchronous communication between the user interface and the web server so that partial page rendering occur instead of complete page postbacks.

Which control in asp.net is used to display data from an xml file and then displayed using XSLT?

Use the asp:Xml control and set its DocumentSource property for associating an xml file, and set its TransformSource property to set the xml control’s xsl file for the XSLT transformation.

What is an .ashx file?

It is a web handler file that produces output to be consumed by an xml consumer client (rather than a browser).

How can you use ASP.NET to transform XML documents?

You can use the XML Web controls to apply an XSL style sheet to an XML file.

What platforms do .NET XML Web Services run on?

Currently, they’re supported on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. ASP.NET integrates with Internet Information Server (IIS) and thus requires that IIS be installed. It runs on server and non-server editions of Windows 2000 and XP as long as IIS is installed.

What is the use of diffgram?

DiffGram is an XML format that is used to identify current and original versions of data elements. The DataSet uses the DiffGram format to load and persist its contents, and to serialize its contents for transport across a network connection. When a DataSet is written as a DiffGram, it populates the DiffGram with all the necessary information to accurately recreate the contents, though not the schema, of the DataSet, including column values from both the Original and Current row versions, row error information and row order.

What is a schema? What are the limitations of a DTD?

SCHEMA is nothing but METADATA. The schema holds all the information of the xml file that is to be deployed in the project. Metatdata is nothing about data about data since we know that xml is used for data representation language we will be able to understand what metadata is. Metadata includes the tags that is going to be exchanged to and fro from another xml file. DTD (DATA TYPE DEFINITION ) which supervises two conditions namely well formedness and closeness of the xml file. So the user should be aware of what tags he was put into use of this xml file ‘A’ should be intimated to another application’s XML file ‘B’, by then our xml file will interact with the another xml file, this is the major limitation and mandatory issue that the developers should follow.